Monday, May 7, 2012

1 Million Pesos In 1 Year Update – May 8, 2012 As Of 4:50AM GMT +8

Just a little update:

1. I have a savings in the bank worth 13,000php
2. I have 10,000php being used as a capital for my Auntie's business
3. Rental of 5,500 per month.
4. Monthly expenses on food and stuff worth 4,000php.

What did I do?

1. I stayed in touch with a person who has positive outlook in life. When you leave your life full of misery and embrace a life full of positive energy, then it's good to go.

2. I save 3,000php per week starting April, and the excess is my allowance which is about 600-900php.

3. I did not bought gadgets or new clothes. But I bought 1 new pair of shoes worth 399php.

4. I bought Guess bag worth 5,500php (I have always wanted to have this bag but it turned out to be not a good investment) But at least I have something as an achievement.

5. I am trying to live a frugal life and hopefully with the job I have, I will stick to it and hopefully help me earn money.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

1 Million Pesos In 1 Year Update – February 26, 2012 As Of 1:22AM GMT +8

I can't believe it has been like four months from the last update I have made.

What I have accomplished so far:

1. bought a brand new samsung netbook - 11,000+ last october 2011.
2. opened a BPI account
3. still no savings in the bank - i really suck at this one!
4. i owe: Ms. S, Ms. T, Ms. Y, and Ms. A so far as I remember.
5. had my own place - 5,500php rental been staying there last december 2011
6. had constant clients - thank God for that!

Think that's about it... I think I need to revise my plan and come up with a good strategy on how to go about things or I end up with no money this year and too far from my ambition of becoming a millionaire.

It takes more than having the determination to do, I must really want to get it before I fall into oblivion...

Till the next update--

Monday, October 24, 2011

1 Million Pesos In 1 Year Update – October 24, 2011 As Of 3:11PM GMT +8

I have not updated my blog regarding my quest for 1 million pesos in 1 year. It's almost the end of October 2011. I am going to lay down the things that happened for the past weeks.

1. I sold my Acer Aspire One netbook for 7,000php. Profit of 500php.

What happened? I always go out and work just to let my brain work than getting stuck inside the house. The problem with my Acer Aspire One netbook is that it does not have long lasting battery. It only lasts for 1 hour only that's it.

Now I am in the same dilemma as to whether to buy a brand new netbook or settle with used one again but long lasting battery than my acer.

2. I paid my credit (finally) to Mr. E. Now I am going to pay off the money I owe to Ms. S and other people that I owe. Before the year ends, hopefully I paid off all my debts.

3. As of the moment, I have zero savings and not close to 1,000,000php:c I do not know what's wrong with me. I am a total spender. I want to keep track on what I spent yet I end up stopping the habit.

Before the month ends, my goal to save 25,000php. If I am going to have this money, then I can buy brand new netbook as a reward to myself.

Actually, need to raise 50,000php - 25,000php savings, 25,000 mortgage.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

1 Million Pesos In 1 Year Update – September 16, 2011 As Of 8:39 AM GMT +8

Here is my latest update for September 16, 2011 to get 1 million pesos in 1 year through earning money online.

Just yesterday, I bought used netbook Acer Aspire One D250-1026. For picture, here it is:

Photo courtesy of

Specs as stated on the box:

CPU: Intel Atom processor N270
HDD: 160GB
LAN: 10/100 Base T
Wireless: 802.b/g WLAN
Softload: Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition

I bought it at 6,500php. I saw this netbook on sale on the Internet and I had 3,000php and borrowed 4,000php from my auntie (which money I let her keep for my earnings, it's like she is my bank).

What I can say, well it's working fine. It has all the needed software, with movies, and music as well plus sun broadband with sim for free.

Return On Investment: 6 1/2 months (estimate)

This will increase my productivity since no more crashing google chrome, slow opening of websites for my research and stuff.

I am going to test this netbook out today for my first day of work with Acer. As for my Toshiba satellite, it would be for my sisters usage. At least, we won't argue on who is going to sit first or use the laptop.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

1 Million Pesos In 1 Year Update – August 31, 2011 As Of 4:50 AM GMT +8

This is my month end update for my 1 million pesos in 1 year quest through earning money online.

This is my assessment of what had happened this month. Not too much but I think I am going there…

My Productivity:

1. Thanks to my new UK client, I was writing articles almost everyday.
2. I slept a lot for the past days maybe because I always work late at night and sleep in the morning.


1. Zero in savings.
2. 6 months delayed in mortgage.
3. 1 month delayed in my SSS payment.

Organizational skills:

1. I am so messed up with work; I have left some clients hanging I do need to catch up on them and not taking in more work.
2. Room is messy, my table is messy.

My spending:

1. I spend around 500php when I go out. 100php when I go to an internet café which is 30mins travel from where I left.
2. I spend on useless things, I spend about 300-400php on massage 2 hours + tip. Think better settle with 100php (30mins back and 30mins reflex and tip for 50php). It’s 150php per session.
3. Unplanned spending.

September comes… hope things will get much better…

Friday, August 26, 2011

1 Million Pesos In 1 Year Update – August 26, 2011 As Of 3:52 PM GMT +8

This is my 1 million pesos in 1 year update for today as I unravel my journey in earning money online.

Cash On Hand – 5,249php (got the money yesterday, August 25, 2011)

Here are some of what I spent:

1. Mortgage – 3,500 (given to my mother)
2. Food and groceries for husband – 602
3. Load (globe and smart) – 150
4. Went out yesterday, internet café to do voice chat with client and do some work – 200php
5. IC unit for Phillips TV – 500php
6. Other expenses – coke, smokes, etc husband – 47

Money Left – 250php

My husband saw me withdrawing money yesterday and he wants to get his phone back at the pawnshop SE phone that was pawned I think more than 5x already for 1,300php. This would be deductible for his salary. The problem with me is that he is not doing much work to compensate the amount I gave him every week. I need to work things out so that I will not keep on losing money. This is unexpected.

I learned my lesson to withdraw money on my own so that he will have no idea how much money I am earning.

I have some problems now I have left unfinished orders from other clients. I need to finish them up because I do not know until when this new UK client I will be working for.

With regard to my virtual assistance work, I am officially starting today and I would definitely dedicate much of my time to be more efficient bring in more money for my client so that he will be happy and left off some burden from his shoulders. This would enable him to focus on important things than doing petty stuff.

Again, my problem as of the moment is counting how much money I am earning even if I have not finished the work yet. I have to shift my mindset. This should be counting how much work, i.e. articles done, hours spend, posts done for data entry on a single day. The more I put in the more money I will be receiving.

Starting today, my focus would be on the output not on the money I would earn. My top priority is customer satisfaction!

Update on the netbook? Women do love changing minds. I am one of them. As of the moment, I put the netbook on hold. I told my client who owns a Mac I will be buying his laptop. I can wait till the time he will purchase a new Mac. At least I know he takes care of his laptop well and I am getting something of value at half the price hopefully. I really don’t like the idea of buying a brand new laptop it rips my heart shelling out that amount of money. I know it’s investment but my antique Toshiba satellite is still working will stick on this one for the moment.

I love the idea of getting a laptop or netbook for free. I wonder if I could get one from one of my clients. Who knows?

As of the moment, I have 0 savings in the bank. I am way far from my goal of 1 million pesos in 1 year. What I am trying to establish is to get into the habit of working everyday not wasting much time on sleeping or playing bejeweled. When I am into the habit of working every single day, next step would be setting up goals that are feasible not impossible.

I have learned my lesson, before I get into something I need to come up with a step-by-step procedure from the first step all the way to the top. If I focus on the end result it would be unreachable for me. Need to look at my steps and check out if I am going to the right direction.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

1 Million Pesos In 1 Year Update - August 23, 2011 As Of 3:29pm

This is part 2 of August 23, 2011 update to raise 1 million in 1 year through earn money online. I am writing this one before I forgot what happened.

So, here I was writing the articles for my UK client. I submitted 25 articles to him at 7:00am but he was not online anymore so he was not able to pay me thru my PayPal for $43.75. I slept at 7am; my mother woke me up at 12:00nn because my father needs to sleep inside my sisters’ room. It seemed I was forced to wake up, I had diarrhea, been inside the bathroom for more than 10x already. I do not know if it’s the qwek qwek I ate last night, not eating at the right time, the food I ate at home (baby back ribs soup version), or is it because I am having my period and it’s my first day today. Oh well, whatever the reason I think I better be vegetarian like my youngest sister.

I just applied Pau Essences – Ocean Mist to my tummy and back. I eat brunch; drink a glass of coke and water, and it seems I am feeling alright. I do not want to take any medicine at all because I read somewhere before that taking antacid or medicines for diarrhea can decrease a person’s memory or something like that. I do not want that happen since my work relies more on thinking and be a fast reader to grasp all information in just a matter of seconds in order to come up with a good article for my clients.

And now I am writing this update…

My client for virtual assistance, we chatted regarding the work. He was asking if regarding working scheduled. Of course, I did write an update before we chatted, so I gave him my schedule and told him that I already put my work with on schedule before we started. My working schedule for him will be 10pm-6am Tuesdays to Saturdays (GMT +8). He was okay with it.

Guess what? I was surprised he asked me what salary I want that I will be happy for. I told him salary around $400-$500/month will be great. He settled to give me $400 and he will bump it up when things got better with his business. He was to do voice chat with me instead of chatting. He will refund me $25 to buy a headset with minijack instead of usb since connection will be slower with usb. Now, the need to have that netbook is extremely URGENT.

The guy who was suppose to sell his netbook with me last time told me that his friend is selling his netbook MSI u100, color white, 8 months used for 8,000php. Now, I am starting to debate whether to go for it or go for Samsung netbook that costs 12,900php brand new.

I think I better weigh my options right before I am going to decide which one to go for:

MSI u100

Color: white

Condition: Used (8months)

Price: 8,000php



*Can haggle the price for 7,000 (will try)

*it has what I needed for work


*shorter battery life 5-6 hours (as claimed)

*with scratches

*maybe there are some minor defects not declared

Samsung (forgot the model)

Color: black

Condition: Brand New

Price: 12,900php


*brand new (never been used

*higher specs

*longer battery life



*be afraid to use it at a maximum level

My Verdict:

I am not a technical person. I do need the netbook for the following reasons:

• Portability
• Long battery life span
• Faster speed compared to my Toshiba satellite
• Lightweight

I will be starting to work on the virtual assistance with my client from New York tonight this is very urgent and I can raise 7,000-8,000php this week but not 12,900php. It is kind of expensive and heavy for my budget.

As you may observed, I did not put the specs on each of the netbook because I do not want to stressed out myself trying to analyze every bit of detail. As long as I can do writing work, data entry, and has excel on it. I am cool with the netbook.

Here is what I need for this month:

1. House Mortgage – 13,000php
2. Debt to Mr. E – 2,000php ($25)
3. Debt to Ms. A – 1,500php
4. Savings account – 20,000php

Total: 36,500php

12,900php – 8,000php = 4,900php difference

I need to buy a netbook that does the job but will save me more money this month so it would be MSI u100. If in case I do not like it I will just sell it to my former co-teacher I will still have my money back to buy Samsung or other netbook.

Decision: MSI u100 (used at 8,000php)

Total money needed before month ends: 44,500php

As for the money where will I get 8,000php, will work things out ASAP!